Ocean Freight Brokers

We offer competitive international freight transportation options via hand selected providers with the world's leading ship owners and operators. These can be tailored to a single voyage or to multiple shipments via a contract agreement. Our team can advise on both portside and ship side requirements, documentation and the end to end process of delivering your goods.

Container Freight
Specialists in container transport via ocean freight, we use our experience and network to help you get the best deals.

Dry Bulk Freight
We specialise in dry bulk and agriculture products including Grain, Fertiliser, Alumina, Manganese Ore, Salt, Coal, Iron Ore and Steel.

Tanker Freight
We arrange transport for all trade routes around the world and negotiate the best possible deals for our clients.

Chemical & Specialised
The demand for chemicals, specialised products is increasing and it requires efficiency, diplomatic skills and a good network.

Our brokers are experts in the emerging market for natural gas and propane as new fuel sources to reduce carbon emissions.

Why Chose Us
- International shipping connections
- Tailored shipping arrangements
- Competitive options
- Voyage or Time charter service
- Broking Participation
- Leveraging our expertise
- Long-term relationship
- Collaborative approach
- Dedicated Account Manager